Les Limaces aka Benoit Carreau (Melodule), Alexandre Caron and Philippe Girard (Phil Fiction)

Follow the path of three slimy slugs, who finaly got togheter on stage after some time loitering around on dancefloors. Benoit, aka Melodule, is an all around musician. Since the very beginning, he creates the original tracks and remixes of the band with Alex, a self made computer specialist. Philippe is the teams DJ, performing on stage with Ben with over 5 hours of original music to adapt themselves to any situation and subtly bring the crowd on a journey in their universe.

Les Limaces already have two albums released on Tasty Bytes Records, each one telling a unique story and as good while driving or on the dancefloor. They also produced many EPs and remixes on labels like Flow and ARVA Records. Their tracks are played pretty much everywhere and were recently heard on prestigious podcasts released by John Digweed and Armin Van Buuren.

Les Limaces are now able to lean on solid performances, as much for clubs or major Canadian or International events. They actually performed a series of shows in Bogota, Columbia, in 2012. Outside festivals are the preferred venues of the bands fans.

Very though to classify, their sound is melodic and groovy at the same time. Les Limaces can surimpose big bouncy basslines and twisted layers, thus creating tracks with a rich narrative and a strong dancing feeling.

Let yourself slide on Les Limaces’s colorful trail!


Club / Events: Connectados (Bogota, Colombia), Eclispe Summer Festival (Canada), Society for Art and Technology (Montreal, Canada), Piknic Electronik (Montreal & Gatineau, Canada), MEG (Montreal, Canada)

Labels: ARVA, System Recordings, Tasty Bytes Records, Re:Beat Records, Impulsif Records, Quadbyte Records, Beat'em Up Records, Inlab Recordings, Eresys Records, Flow Vinyl, Fever, Polytechnic Recordings

''An original journey through different kinds of sound and melody that keeps on playing in your mind. The first album of Les Limaces was endlessly played in my car for months. It was so well produced that we could use it for sound testing Gudvibe, even in its very first demo version. A promising beginning for this duet that may be internationally famous in a short time.''

Paul Richer,
Sonorisation Gubvibe