The Ghotiitout Management team
@ Igloofest

January 2012 at Montreal Old port


imageAfter the success of our performance at Piknic Electronic in 2011, Ghotiitout was given carte blanche musicale for the opening party of Igloofest 2013 for performing at Virgin Mobile Igloo. We thought of it as a real showcase, an opportunity for the multi-generational DJ team made of Vincent Gauvin, Van Did, G’Obrien and Omni.

Thursday evening in Montreal, the weather was quite humid and very cold. The mercury had fallen down to -16°C but we were not deterred from walking across Old Montreal to go to the festival. The closer we got, the quicker we walked because we couldn't help thinking about what was about to happen.


As soon as we were let into the area (by very nice security guards!), we were filled with wonder, as every year with this event. Sculptures made of ice, various styles of decoration, colourful LED display: before our ears got full of sounds, our eyes got plenty of light! As Virgin igloo didn't open before 7:30 PM, we had to wait while listening to the beat of the main stage by a nice fire, not too bad!



imageOur time came and Vincent Gauvin started the party with a beat making the gathering crowd groove in a few minutes. His flowing sexy set went on smoothly for an hour and warmed up everybody almost as soon as it started. I was nicely surprised by some original tracks he chose and their particular groove. Ghotiitout party had just started and Vince easily wrapped all the people around his little finger as a master DJ would have done it.


imageVan Did came afterwards with a live performance that went like a dream. The evolution of his music once again had an instant effect on the crowd that reacted like an orchestra led by a conductor. With good old tracks and new ones recently released on Traum and Grrreat, he mixed them all without hesitation and with verve. His set and selection paved the music way for the next artist, time passed unnoticed...


imageG.O’Brien, prancing behind the turntables, took the crowd to a parallel universe. He started with an explosive sound that hadn't been heard for a long time. The sound that sweeps away everything in its path with heavy analog bass-lines. Each accurate movement of his on his hardware drove us suddenly into surprising new directions that pleased everyone. The audience was in a frenzy when he played Makson's remix of Les Limaces'. This track is always killer!


imageOMNI was made a pass and made a breakaway. With the soft electro track he started with, everybody in the audience knew very well that it would not last for long. Intensity constantly grew and reached the fat electro roll that makes people feel like gritting their teeth and dancing until they couldn't take anymore, the sound everyone was waiting for. OMNI has the knack for making people move and guiding dancers through a music fantasy. He gave the final touch in his own masterly way with a remix of Les Limaces', a nice final hint for our friends.

We had a great time and we got the only evidence we needed: everyone was smiling while prancing on their way back home.





Pictures by Marie-Pierre Boisvert (
Video by Antoine Quirion-Couture (